As you age, the bones of the body naturally become more frail and brittle. This affliction is especially noticed in women but that does not mean that men are exempt. In fact, they need to take precautionary measures for bone health as well. Just like muscle, bone can be strengthened and one of the best ways to do this is by making some smart nutritional decisions coupled up with load bearing exercise. Here are some key points that can keep bone loss down and your overall health up. Learn about massaging and pressing along the scapula about with expert advice on scapula massage in this free massage video clip.

If someone if diagnosed with this type of foot and they have minimal pain or no pain the goal is to prevent symptoms in the future. Proper fitting shoe gear is essential. That would include a shoe with a build in arch. High heel shoes will put more pressure on the toes and metatarsals and can cause more discomfort and even metatarsal stress fractures. Custom molded orthotics can be built for a high arch foot which can prevent foot pain. Don’t ignore a high arch just because you may think it is normal. If you are having any foot discomfort please see your physician for treatment.

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Over pronation is the excessive inward rolling motion of the foot This inward motion is considered unhealthy because it can cause a great deal of strain on the back, ankles, knees, and lower legs. Over pronation can cause shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and IT band syndrome. Under pronation occurs when the outside of the foot takes the brunt of the shock when coming in contact with the ground. This condition can cause problems with the ligaments in your feet and ankles. Stability shoes feature either a dual density midsole or a roll bar to help combat pronation problems.

You should see a doctor about high arches if one arch is significantly higher than the other. You should also talk to your doctor if you are experiencing sharp, needle-like pain to the bottom of your foot. Is the grass greener on the other side? Frequently people with flat feet yearn for high arches, while those with a high foot arch long for a lower arch. Whether you have a noticeably high or flat arch, being aware of the condition will help in understanding certain arch-related pains and even something as simple as choosing the right pair of running shoes.

The term pes cavus is Latin for hollow foot and is synonymous with the terms talipes cavus, cavoid foot, high-arched foot, and supinated foot type. Pes cavus is a multiplanar foot deformity characterised by an abnormally high medial longitudinal arch. It also commonly features a varus (inverted) hindfoot, a plantarflexed position of the first metatarsal, an adducted forefoot and dorsal contracture of the toes. Despite numerous anecdotal reports and hypothetical descriptions, very little rigorous scientific data exist on the assessment or treatment of pes cavus. 1 Types of pes cavus edit

After getting shoes that accommodate a bunion one might consider a custom made orthotic, which will stabilize the joint and decrease pressure at the bunion site. In turn this will decrease the pain. Orthotics are appliances which are made to the foot that decrease pressure on the bunion inside the shoe. The orthotic can actually change the positions of where the bump is in the shoe and decrease irritation. Orthotics also treat the imbalances of high or low arched foot and correct odd walking patterns. Many podiatrists have multiple recommendations for treatment of this painful condition.

Most of the simple pieces of sandals lack arch support and have a flat inner sole or base. While this makes no difference when you use the piece for shorter duration, the same is sure to lead to knee pain, ankle pain or other foot problems when used for longer duration. Opting for one that offers a physical support for the arches is definitely a good idea. While orthopedics always recommend use of such footwear for those having flat feet or higher arches, the same is also beneficial for people having normal arch. You can buy arch support sandals depending upon your foot problem.